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I laid over a shattered glass with a bottle of alcohol and felt hopeless…

I had recently discovered my wife had cheated on me while I was in Iraq

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There are 3 ingredients that make for magical relationships

If you put 3 things into place: a complete ethical protocol, a communication system, and a relationship management system in your relationships, they will flourish beyond your wildest dreams.

They haven’t been taught before in a complete “system” until now!

Watch the “3 Secrets for Perfect Relationships”

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I’m Rone John, instructor at Perfect Relationship Secrets.

I’ve spent 15 years as a relationships consultant, author and operator of the #1 tantra therapy in the US, consulting hundreds of clients in relationships. These are my recipes for getting your relationships right.

I use these strategies and principles in all my relationships and teach them to clients. They work for rich people, poor people, famous people, ugly and beautiful people – and they will work for you too.

Is this how you do your relationships?

You find someone mildly interesting, you go on a date, after several dates you have sex, then after a while you consider marriage.

How’s that working out for you? Haven’t you experienced the same thing happens every time: awkwardness, playing games, jealousy, arguments, wanting something more, lack of communication, lesser and lesser sex?

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Ok, so I need to find the right person, right?

It sounds like that could be the answer but you don’t need the right person, you need the right system of relationships.

But what is the right system of relationships? Sadly, everyone that’s taught you relationship dynamics don’t have fulfilling ones themselves (trust me, I know most all the guru’s).

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Bad news: learning how to do relationships is hard.

It’s not only hard to find a “relationship mentor” that has great relationships, there’s also so much to learn, you wouldn’t know where to begin.

You know there’s a better way. You want the best for your partner but you just don’t have the framework that gives you the confidence to facilitate an amazing relationship. If only you could learn the steps, you’d apply it right away.


Here’s the good news

We’ve got all the ingredients you’ll ever need to craft a perfect relationship, no matter the circumstance. They’re in one beautifully designed place:
The Perfect Relationship Secrets Online Course.

Perfect Relationship Secrets contains 29 lessons, strategies and steps to help you confidently build the relationships you previously only could imagine.

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5 Modules for organized and streamlined learning

For ease of learning and simplicity, you’ll always know which module to watch and re-watch.

It’s simple. Module 2 is Psychology. Module 3 are the principles. Module 4 are the techniques, strategies and protocols. Module 5 are the advanced workshops and bonuses.

It’s the perfect tool to help you build the relationships you want in an organized and complete approach. You have lifetime access to the course and the high quality videos stream very fast.

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Clear, step-by-step instructions. No jargon.

Access the lessons right when you log in to the site. Easily browse through and find specific lessons with high-speed streaming videos with concise steps to help you with parts of your relationships.

The jargon-free instructions are simplified and explained thoroughly, for novices and experts alike.

Each strategy has an accompanying demonstration so you know what it looks like and sounds like.

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Designed for optimized learning.

One of my forté is radical change-work from my clinical training in neuro-hypnotic repatterning, design human engineering and as a Master neuro-linguistic programming practitioner… so we designed this course so that you can learn fast and see the teachings show up in your relationships almost immediately.

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Access to free coaching and Community

Log in and peruse the many videos you could be learning and using to drastically and immediately change your life TODAY.

Have access to coaching from instructors and myself for free instead of paying $1,425 per hour for private coaching.

Oh, and there’s a community of other like-minded people helping each other build great relationships!

Get Perfect Relationship Secrets →

I was missing a piece of a puzzle in my life. I was always so confused about relationships. I finally found that missing piece of a puzzle and everything makes a perfect sense. I’m finally able to open my eyes and see that such moments are taking place all the time.

Adela Gortlerova

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Full Course 3 Layers

$297 $37

29 Lessons
Access to ongoing workshops FREE
One-time payment
Lifetime Access

$297 $37

20 Dollar bill

If you don’t like it, get your money back.

If after 90 days, you don’t see any changes, we’ll refund you in full. No questions asked.

Now I actually have the most amazing connection I’ve ever had where I can be my completely emotionally available, open, vulnerable self without fearing being that close to someone.”

Bree O’Mahony
Tantra Therapist


A tiny sample of what you’ll get inside

  • Structure of Relationships teaches you the 3 ingredients to make perfect relationships
  •  “Preconceptions Re-patterning” changes the way you neurologically code perceptions in relationships
  • “Women’s Double-Bind” will show you why men and women play games and how you can become the “enlightener”
  • “Evolutionary Reality” is a reasoning sequence making evolutionary psychology reasoning easy to understand and communicate to others
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  • “Esteemed Confidence Method” teaches you the step-by-step method to increase your confidence in a way that cannot be faked and people can sense without words.
  • “Expectation Management Protocol” shows you the 3 things that people’s brains are always looking for and how to fulfill them so they always feel satisfied with you
  • “Art of Negotiations” will show you the techniques and strategies to negotiate with anyone even if they don’t know you’re doing anything
  • “The 10 Core Identaments” shows you the 10 things you have to commit to doing so you can have prosperous and fulfilling relationships, everyday
OVERLAY Negotiation Video
  • “Elegant Dating Strategy” shows you an effective and efficient way to “date”
  • “Intimacy Protocol” is finally a way to build intimacy with anyone so you know what to do everytime
  • “Opening Closed Relationships” is a relationship strategy to open closed relationships and what to do and what to say
  • “Family Management in Open Relationships” is an awesome management protocol when you want to consider a family in an open relationship
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PRS Gold Key Logo
Full Course 3 Layers

$297 $37

29 Lessons
Access to ongoing workshops FREE
One-time payment
Lifetime Access

$297 $37


You’ll also get these for FREE:

  • “21 Laws of Leadership in Family Management” – a workshop where I teach you 10 years of secrets I learned in organizational management applied to raising a family!
  • “Social Media Secrets for Perfect Relationships” shows you how to build a attractive social media and how to use it to communicate more effectively with anyone
  • Access To Coaches and Community inside the course where you can interact and ask your questions and connect with like-minded people like you

You’re at a crossroad right now and you only have 2 very different options leading to 2 very different lives


Do not get the course now knowing that tomorrow or even tonight, you’ll be interacting with someone you like and admire, and you won’t know exactly what to do, what to say, or precisely where to take the relationship. 

You’ll continue with the current knowledge you have and always wonder, “What if I had taken the Perfect Relationship Secrets course, how much better could I have dealt with this?” It will always be in the back of your mind what could have been better if you just had more knowledge.


You get the course now. Go through the lessons on your own time. Have lifetime access for just one payment.

You’ll have the knowledge and relationship wisdom to be able to handle everything (this is why it’s called the “Perfect Relationships” system).

You’ll never have a single regret by increasing your knowledge about relationships dynamics and knowing how to handle emotions, logic, and situations that come your way.

You have EVERYTHING to gain by getting this course now. This course will change your life forever. I guarantee it.